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BETT 2016

Creaza blogger på dansk

Creaza at SETT 2015

New Cartoonist app for the iPad

Mindomo & New Cartoonist App

Creaza Intro

Meet Creaza @ BETT 2015

Creaza Newsletter - Merry Christmas

This is Creaza -

Creaza Newsletter September 2014

Creaza International Newsletter

Creaza is One of Europe’s 20 Fastest Growing and Most Innovative e-Learning Companies

Creaza @ SETT 2014 and NKUL 2014

Assign a Creaza exercise in Fronter

Welcome to Gothenburg's Teachers and Students!

Brand New Creaza Coming On Monday!

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Creaza International Newsletter

Meet Creaza at BETT 2014

Look to Denmark!

Happy New Year - 2014 is here

Learning to read and write with Creaza.

Creaza in the classroom.

Creaza i klassrummet

Creaza awarded "Best Digital Learning Tool"!

Creaza är Årets digitala läromedel!

Creaza-nyheter, september 2013

Creaza News, September 2013

"The Abandoned School"

Creaza nyhetsbrev, augusti 2013

Creaza Nyhetsbrev, August 2013 (Norsk)

Creaza Newsletter August 2013

Possible diruptions from 17.00 (UTC+1) today

Cornelia's final exam.

A short documentary about Paris.

Test 123

Creaza on Materialeplatformen!

Great movie by two Danish seventh graders.

Alla Kan! (Everyone Can!)

Vant språkkonkurranse med film laget i Creaza.

SETT 2013

The Cartoonist app is FREE this week!

Creaza Premium to teachers & learners through AV Media Skåne

Creaza - On the road!

Upgrade and possible disruptions.

Creaza Newsletter 1 - 2013

Creaza Nyhetsbrev 1 - 2013

"Norge i dag" er lansert for Feidebrukere

Creaza the Nacima way!

Algebra presented in a new and fun way with Creaza

Flip your classroom with Creaza Mindomo

"Speeddate" med ministeren - Nærings- og handelsminister Trond Giske på BETT

NEW theme: "Future Globe"

Creaza - Extreme Makeover!

Creaza will be present at BETT 2013 – Will you?

Merry Christmas!

Creaza’s Cartoonist app included in App Store’s “Best of 2012″ list!

Creaza Mindomo - Premium tool for mindmaps and presentations

Josef Holmqvist - Creaza Sweden

Creaza at Uddannelsesforum 2012

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Server Upgrade

Sweden and the iPad

Creaza newsflash

New tutorial on Creaza MovieEditor (English)

Creaza newsletter 01-2012 - Creaza 4.0 is now released!

Norsk nyhetsbrev 01-2012 - Creaza 4.0 er lansert!

Large improvements on our Creaza Cartoonist iPad App

New Creaza Cartoonist tutorial in English

New Cartoonist tutorial in Norwegian

We are truly sorry!

A new Crazy & Creative Creaza school year

Animated movie from learners in Denmark

Creaza Cartoonist in App Store

Creaza - educational toolbox for learning

Interview with Swedish teacher on Creaza in class

Breaking news - Creaza on the iPad

Danish Movies

Exotic Animals

Spring is here - Winter gone home

Creaza Cartoonist on the iPad ;-)

Creaza available through UNI•Login

2012 - New Possibilities


Another Swedish movie

Swedish movie about rhetoric

Creaza servers upgraded successfully

Upgrade of servers

Creaza on tour

Summer 2011

NRK Skole + Creaza = Sant

Creaza launches new service

Upgrades on Creaza servers


Minor upgrade of Creaza servers

Kleopatra - movie made by two students in Oslo

Introducing new Creaza content

Brand new content launched in Creaza Premium

BETT, NOT, ATH, CREATE - SHARE - LISTEN - and You & Me, Marrakech and Music ;-)

Planned upgrade of Creaza servers

Approaching Christmas and some lazy days

Creaza - What's up?

Some higligths from Norway

Creaza adding new content

Creaza listed as a featured project in`s showcase!

Norwegian and Swedish user conferences

How many videos would you like to insert?

Make a slideshow in MovieEditor

Creaza 3.2 released!

New release of Creaza

Embed your product in a blog

Exported HD video from Creaza MovieEditor, preview

Creaza MovieEditor - cutting edge, multi track online video editing - Try it now

"The new MovieEditor harnesses the power of Flash 10.1"

What an example ;-)

New functionality, content and possibilities released with Creaza 3.1

Creaza 3.1 release

Creaza is developing and growing ;-)

BETT 2010 - a short Creaza summary

Embed your Creaza product in a blog..

BETT show & BETT Awards approaching..

A feelgood movie

Import cartoons in MovieEditor

Example of an exported movie

Creaza 3.0 released this weekend

Creaza shortlisted at BETT Awards 2010

Creaza on the road

The post war period and "the wall"

Creaza - on the move - used all over the world!

New release - AudioEditor - MovieEditor

New Creaza launch in near future

Report on NDLA

Creaza visiting Europe

Added support for uploading HD video files

The Book Chook reviews Creaza (Cartoonist)

New functionality and new content in the Movie Editor

Some examples from the brand new theme, "The Post War Period"

Release av helt ny filmklipper i Creaza

Nytt tegneserieunivers i Creaza

Slik bruker du tegneserieverktøyet i Creaza

Creaza i Stockholm

Workshop på NKUL

Creaza i Trondheim

Creaza i London