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This year's SETT conference has just been concluded, and Creaza would like to thank all the visitors for helping make sure that we had a fantastic time there. We were very happy that so many new and old Creaza users came by our stand.

More and more Swedish teachers and students are now using Creaza in their schools. Creaza is suitable for everyone, and can be used in many different ways and for a variety of purposes. For instance, Nacima Ali-Turki från Brageskolan uses Creaza with students who have language learning difficulties, while Johan Cheander from Perstorp uses Creaza to "flip" his classroom.

To read more about Nacima and Johan, check out this Swedish blog post:

You could also have a look at this cartoon made by Måns at Tal- och språkcentrum:

Ruben Puentedura and Josef Holmqvist (Creaza) Ruben Puentedura and Josef Holmqvist (Creaza)
Creaza's stand was also visited by Ruben Puentedura, a distinguished researcher when it comes to ICT and education. To learn more about Puentedura's views on the use of technology in education, see the video below:


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