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“We have now stopped using PowerPoint to make presentations. Our new preferred tool is Creaza’s Mindomo. It’s a fun way to create presentations, and we are now proud and happy users of this product! Have a fantastic weekend and recharge your batteries for next week. Make sure to always live in the present, dear friends! Believe in yourselves, and as we always say:


The text above is taken from Alla kan’s Facebook page. Alla kan is a project that was started in Ängelholm in Sweden. The Swedish hero Pelle Sköldbäck, and Andreas Söderkvist, who is the leader of the project, travel around Sweden and give lectures to schools and businesses, and let them try out for themselves what it is like to live with different forms of disabilities:


Pelle also gives lectures on self-leadership and the importance of setting goals for oneself, while stressing that nothing is impossible. Pelle lost his leg as a result of an accident fifteen years ago. The accident also triggered an illness, which eventually lead to the loss of function in his other leg, as well. In spite of all this, Pelle has managed to climb the mountain Kebnekaise, and he has also completed several marathons in his wheelchair.

Andreas referees professional footbal matches (despite only being 24 years old) and works at a school with different sorts of leadership and project management. When asked about why they use Creaza, Andreas replied:

“Creaza Mindomo is very unique and captures our audience in a way that we have not experienced with the other presentation tools we have used earlier. It’s also a much more fun way of working. We travel a lot, and a web-based tool where you only need a username and password is therefore preferable. Easy access to support and inspiration from the Creaza guys is an advantage, as well.“

How do you plan on using Creaza in the future?

“We shoot photographs and film a lot when we are visiting schools and students and giving lectures. I’ve started using Creaza MovieEditor and I will be using it to edit our movies from now on. It seems to include a lot of integrated content and the functionality appears to be intuitive and easy to use.”

Here's how their first video turned out:

In the near future, Alla kan will go on a tour throughout Sweden and, among other things, be paid a visit from a minister in May! Exciting!

Creaza wishes Alla kan the best of luck! We are looking forward to continuing our exciting collaboration!

To read more about Alla kan, click the link below:



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