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Due to a hectic period we have not posted anything on the blog this last month! Sorry!

A lot has been happening and Creaza has travelled a lot to meet, present and train learners, teachers, headmasters and many more. We have visited users and potential users in cities across Europe. It has been a thrill with extraordiarily positive feedback on the product and its potential in the learner`s digital environment.

During the autumn we have also released a lot of new stuff, some examples are:

  • Content from Oslo
  • Content from Venice
  • Content from Florence
  • Highlights from Norway
  • More content from Rome
  • Various movieclips from Palermo and Sicily
  • Creaza is available in French -
  • Creaza is available in Spanish -

We are working in order to add even more content early this January, and the things we are working on is a completely new Cartoonist theme, and a lot more music and sound. The Cartoonist theme is not yet named, but consists of elements which are possible to use in work with social skills, e-safety, puberty, girls and boys, issues with bullying, you and me and much more...

Users make incredible stuff using Creaza's tools and content. Some also primarily use their own stuff and only the tools.

Watch this nice video produced by a swedish user with the theme "Water". He has used different content and functionality in Creaza and combined that with his own sound, music and voice-over.

The same user produced this slideshow from his cartoon on "Ancient Greece":

We are approaching 2011 and a new year always starts with the BETT Show. Creaza will be there, of course, with our own booth at V53. We will also do a presentation at the Pearson booth at BETT. Visit Pearson on the ground floor, at B40 and C40 on January 12th at 16.00 to 16.45 for a Creaza presentation. More on BETT to come on our Blog.

We hope that you follow Creaza on Facebook as well:

Post your products for others to be inspired ;-)

Enjoy December ;-)

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