Creaza News, September 2013

Skrevet af Aleksander Knudsen den 18-09-2013 16:20:06

Digital Learning Tool of the Year.
Creaza is proud to be one of the the four finalists for Framtidens Läromedel's award for the best digital learning learning tool of the year. A big thank you goes out to those who nominated us. You can read more about Framtidens Läromedel here:

Review by Skolappar
Last week our Creaza Cartoonist app was reviewed by the Swedish website called Skolappar. The review was written by Ida Söderman, and can be read here:

Creaza will be present at the following conferences this fall:
September 24 and 25: Framtidens läromedel, Uppsala, Sweden
September 26 and 27: Fronters norske brukerkonferanse, Norway
October 10 and 11: Fronters svenska användarkonferens, Göteborg, Sweden
October 21 and 22: Impulskonferansen, Loen, Norway
October 22 and 23: - Læring for framtiden, Oslo, Norway
November 15: IKT-arena, Klippan, Sweden
November 21 and 22: Fronters finska användarkonferens, Espo, Finland

Aleksander Knudsen
Skrevet af Aleksander Knudsen

I am the support manager in Creaza, and I know all there is to know about how Creaza is working. I have been working in Creaza since 2012.

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