Creaza awarded "Best Digital Learning Tool"!

Skrevet af Aleksander Knudsen den 26-09-2013 16:44:17

Josef Holmqvist (left) and Arild Storm (right)

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Creaza has won the award for this year's "Best Digital Learning Tool" during the Swedish conference Framtidens Läromedel (Digital Learning Tool of the Future).

Initially, the field consisted of 15 nominees. This number was subsequently narrowed down to four finalists, and in the end Creaza managed to grab the top spot.

"For us, this serves as a great motivation to reach even more teachers and students", says Creaza's CEO, Carl Morten Knudsen, before adding: "This shows that Norwegian suppliers of digital learning tools are among the top innovators both in the international and the Norwegian market!".



Aleksander Knudsen
Skrevet af Aleksander Knudsen

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