NEW theme: "Future Globe"

Skrevet af Arild Storm den 24-01-2013 22:37:03


Creaza will be adding a new Cartoonist theme in the very near future. The theme is called “Future Globe”, and it is set in the year 2050. This theme will enable students to work on relevant and current issues, such as climate change, environmental challenges and energy, in a futuristic perspective.

“Future Globe” will be the 21st theme in Cartoonist. In other words, Creaza’s Cartoonist tool has something to offer for everyone!

“Future Globe” will be available both on the web and on the iPad, just like alle the other themes.

Arild Storm
Skrevet af Arild Storm

I am a general expert and COO at Creaza. With my background as a teacher I really enjoy bringing Creaza to classrooms around the world.

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