Creaza on Materialeplatformen!

Skrevet af Aleksander Knudsen den 30-05-2013 15:56:15

We have some great news for all Danish students and teachers: All municipalities and public schools in Denmark are eligible to get grants from the government for the sake of purchasing certain approved digital learning resources from Materialeplatformen. We are very happy to announce that Creaza is one of these resources, this year as well as last year. This means that schools that purchase Creaza will be able to get half of the cost covered by the Danish government.

To learn more about Creaza at Materialeplatformen, click this link:

Below you can see a couple of good examples of how Danish students are using Creaza:

If you wish to get a quote for Creaza for your school, city or municipality, click this link:


Aleksander Knudsen
Skrevet af Aleksander Knudsen

I am the support manager in Creaza, and I know all there is to know about how Creaza is working. I have been working in Creaza since 2012.

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