Creaza 3.2 released!

Skrevet af Arild Storm den 16-09-2010 15:08:47

Dear Creaza Community,
In this newsletter, we are pleased to announce the Creaza 3.2 release. Below we have listed the highlights of "what's new" in this version.

Server upgrade
We have upgraded our server farm, including media handling and transcoding. With the upgrade we have seriously improved the performance when:

  • uploading and transcoding
  • saving products
  • exporting movies

New functionality in all tools
There are a few new features in all the tools. You can now:

  • upload media directly from any tool
  • open existing products from the tools menu

We have worked hard to improve the user experience and design to make the MovieEditor even more user friendly and intuitive. The result is an advanced MovieEditor packed with features, yet still easy to use.
Some of the new features:

  • Unlimited PiP (Picture-in-Picture)
  • Amazing transitions
  • Video-loops for background
  • Capture video directly from your webcam
  • Use grid in preview window and snap-to-grid to make video walls
  • Flip (horizontally and vertically) Picture-in-Picture clips
  • New Edit button where you can swap video-loops and change effects for videos
  • Slideshow creator to simplify creation of dazzling slideshows of your pictures (with transitions)
  • Enhanced import of Cartoons
  • Export in HD
  • Export directly to YouTube

Try out the new version now, and let us know what you think! Stay tuned for further announcements.

Arild Storm
Skrevet af Arild Storm

I am a general expert and COO at Creaza. With my background as a teacher I really enjoy bringing Creaza to classrooms around the world.

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