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Skrevet af Carl Morten Knudsen den 11-09-2009 13:09:20

Friday September 11th AudioEditor was released - Splice together your own version of a newscast, a radio commercial, or a radio interlude. Make your own sounds, clip, trim and cut in one or more tracks and play it back later..


Creaza is now available in several languages; Norwegian, English, Dutch, Finnish, Danish and Swedish. By September 20th Creaza also supports German.

From the tools Mindomo and Cartoonist you can now export your products to high resolution PDF for print. See example of an exported Cartoon here:


MovieEditor has been brusched up and a lot of new functionality is launced. You can now import your Cartoons into MovieEditor and then record your own sound or put in musicclips from the library. This may give your cartoon or movie a whole new communicative side.. In MovieEditor the library of video- and musicclips is rebuild and has a more navigationfriendly appereance..

When you insert music or soundeffects in your movie you now get audio curves on all your clips. This makes it easier to mix sound and get that perfect sound to your movie.

On all tracks you now have the opportunity to trim your clips directly on the timeline. In MovieEditor it is also made possible to use hotkeys on your keybord. Some of these are;

  • delete/backspace=delete clip
  • ctrl z=undo
  • ctrl+alt+e=open effect window
  • space=play/pause
  • shift+arrow=keyframe by keyframe
  • arrow=next clip
  • enter=back to start of movie
  • ctrl s=save
  • i=set in point in clip
  • o=set outpoint in clip

A new Demovideo of the MovieEditor is also avalable. You can access it from the new Helpcenter in Creaza.. Click on the image below..


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