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We welcome the city of Bergen (Norway's 2nd largest city). More than 30 000 learners and teachers from almost 100 schools now have access to Creaza Premium. Bergen has signed a contract on behalf of all the schools, so learners and teachers can be creative in their learning process with Creaza Premium through Feide.

New tutorials:

We are upgrading our tutorials on all of our tools. The most recent upgrade is Creaza MovieEditor in Norwegian, with Norwegian voice-over and Norwegian text.

The English version and all other tutorials, Creaza movies, examples and much more can be found on our YouTube Channel:


Upgraded iPad App:

Creaza is happy to announce to our followers and users that our Cartoonist app for the iPad has recently undergone a major upgrade. The new version contains large improvements, a new theme, access through Fronter, and now also supports IOS 6. There has also been various minor bug fixes.

Creaza Cartoonist now contains 20 different and unique themes, covering everything from history and politics to science, fantasy and fairy tales. Whether you wish to create a Cartoon about ancient Egypt, World War II or Little Red Riding Hood, Cartoonist offers you the possibility. Best of all; it’s easy, intuitive and fun!

This version also contains the new theme “Space”. Space contains a wide range of exciting backgrounds, planets, stars and props. It is also possible to illustrate different phenomena, such as moon phases, earth’s seasons, day and night etc. Perhaps one wishes to show how our solar system looks, how a star develops, or maybe how the spacecraft Curiosity recently completed their successful trip to Mars?

All the content that users know from the web version of Cartoonist is available in the app, and the app is fully integrated with the web version. This means, among other things, that you can work on a cartoon in the app, and then continue working on it on your laptop. Or vice versa.

Creaza is also proud to announce that our new Cartoonist is one of the first iPad apps, if not the first, which can be accessed through Fronter.

The app comes in two versions. One for schools:

And one for individual users:

If you would like to try out the Creaza Cartoonist app at your school, please contact us at:

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