Josef Holmqvist - Creaza Sweden

Skrevet af Carl Morten Knudsen den 24-11-2012 14:56:03

Creaza is very happy and proud to introduce the newest member of our staff, Josef Holmqvist.

Josef is currently living in Skåne in Sweden. He has been working as a teacher at Magnarps skola in Ängelholms kommun for the past two and a half years, where his main focus has been on Physical Education, Science, School Development and ICT.

Josef is very passionate about the pedagogical benefits of the use of ICT in education as a means to meet and develop each individual student.

Josef will be Creaza’s main guy in Sweden, where he will be travelling a lot, meeting students, teachers and and school administrators, and showing them some of the possibilities and some of the benefits of Creaza. He will also be attending various conferences and exhibitions, both in Sweden and throughout Europe.

In addition to this he will be drawing upon his skills and expertise in various subjects in order to make Creaza an even better educational tool. He is very anxious and excited to get started, and sees Creaza as a powerful pedagogical tool that fits every school and student!


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