New functionality and new content in the Movie Editor

Skrevet af Carl Morten Knudsen den 30-06-2009 03:28:26

Creaza has today launched both new functionality and new content. In Mindomo you can now export your Mindmap to PDF.

In the Movie Editor two new Cities are launched in the World Cities Thematic Universe. In addition to London, Paris and Rome there are new Movie clips from Barcelona and Istanbul. Budapest and Oslo will be released before 15. of August. Berlin is coming during the autumn and several cities are planned.


Today we also launched Creaza in Swedish and complete new functionality were released. You have now the opportunity to import your Cartoons into the Movie Editor. If you do this you can also read in your own text with the soundrecorder in Creaza or you can add music to your Cartoons. This gives pupils and teachers new possible pedagogical approaches in the education..

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