New Possibilities in Creaza


We are constantly adding new content, features, and possibilities in Creaza. Below you will find several examples of what's new in Creaza.

The New Cartoonist Is Here!

Creaza is happy to announce that the brand new version of our Cartoonist tool is finally available for all users! Cartoonist enables students and teachers to easily create fantastic cartoons.

It contains 25 different themes and several hundred different backgrounds, characters and props. You can read more about the different themes here:

The New Cartoonist

Creaza is very happy and proud to announce that a brand new version of our Cartoonist tool is right around the corner.

The new Cartoonist, which is fully HTML based, will provide users with all the possibilities that the current Cartoonist does: 

  • Choose from hundreds of Cartoonist activities
  • Add backgrounds, characters, props, effects, shapes and text 
  • Use your own images as backgrounds
  • Draw freehand
  • Record audio
  • Collaborate

The new version also includes several improvements and new features:

Back to the Stone Age

This fall Creaza has released brand new Cartoonist content and exercises. Human Prehistory and the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age is now available for all Creaza Premium users.

Learning to read and write with Creaza.

There are always lots of positive things happening in the creative world of Creaza. In the picture below, taken in a classroom at Veggli school in Norway, you can see 13 six-year-old students, each with their own PC.

Import cartoons in MovieEditor

In Creaza it is possible to import a cartoon from Cartoonist to MovieEditor. In that way it is possible to add sound to your comic strip. Here is an example of a (sort of) animated movie made in Creaza:

Some examples from the brand new theme, "The Post War Period"

Here are some examples of the characters and the background "Berlin Wall" from the thematic universe, "The Post War Period". As you can see, it is now possible to make the cartoon strip in 16:9 ratio. Just click the picture to see the example.

Nytt tegneserieunivers i Creaza

Creaza lanserte i dag det nye store universet "Etterkrigstiden". Universet lar elever og lærere skape fortellinger og tegneserier basert på innholdselementer fra 50-tallet, 60-tallet, 70-tallet og 80-tallet. Utfordringer mellom Øst og Vest og den kalde krigen er politiske elementer man kan jobbe med. I tillegg til dette finnes det en rekke karakterer, figurer og bakgrunner fra de fire 10-årene. Berlinmuren finnes for eksempel i utgaver fra både 50, 60, 70 og 80-tallet.

Slik bruker du tegneserieverktøyet i Creaza

Klikk på bildet for å se film om hvordan du kan bruke tegneserieverktøyet i Creaza.

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