The New Cartoonist

Creaza is very happy and proud to announce that a brand new version of our Cartoonist tool is right around the corner.

eng-promo (1).jpg

The new Cartoonist, which is fully HTML based, will provide users with all the possibilities that the current Cartoonist does: 

  • Choose from hundreds of Cartoonist activities
  • Add backgrounds, characters, props, effects, shapes and text 
  • Use your own images as backgrounds
  • Draw freehand
  • Record audio
  • Collaborate

The new version also includes several improvements and new features:

  • Get access to all Cartoonist themes and content in the same cartoon
  • Add music from our extensive audio library with just a few clicks
  • Upload and add your own music
  • Record audio more easily
  • Enjoy an improved and simpler method of adding text
  • Adjust the duration of individual slides

As if the above-mentioned weren't enough, the coming fall we will also be importing all of MovieEditor's hundreds of video clips to Cartoonist. This means that you will get access to all video clips, audio clips and cartoon content in one single tool. The integrated content can of course be combined with the users' own uploaded files. 

Creaza Team