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With Cartoonist you can create comic strips and cartoons consisting of backgrounds, characters, props and effects. You can also record audio and upload your own images. Cartoonist contains a wide variety of themes, each with its own content. Below you will find a brief description of each of them.


«The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age»

These three themes lets students discuss and illustrate what life was like for human beings during these three ages. How did they find and prepare food? Where and how did they live? What sort of challenges did they face? Questions like these and many, many others can be explored here.

«You & Me»

You & Me enables students work with topics such as relationships, friendship, bullying and emotions. As with all the other Cartoonist themes, one can change the characters' facial expressions to better show what sort of mood they are in at different times and in different contexts.


Contains planets, constellations, astronauts, galaxies asteroids, telescopes and space ships. In addition, one can illustrate and explain such phenomena as solar and lunar eclipses, moon phases, seasons and the life cycle of stars.

«World War II»

Here the students can work on specific events and issues that took place during World War II. They can include characters such as Churchill, Stalin and Hitler, or they can describe the war from the soldiers' or civilians' perspective. This theme provides a great opportunity for students to imagine what life was like during the war.

«The Post-War Period»

The theme with the most content. Here you will find characters and props from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Can be used to address and discuss real or imagined situations from the Post-War Period, but also for a host of other topics and situations, due to the rich and varied content.

«Ancient Greece»

Create comic strips with philosophers, soldiers, gods and props from this important time and place in history. The theme is especially well-suited for discussions about the origin, history and development of democracy.


Allows users to create comic strips about ancient Egypt, its river culture and its influence on world history. The theme includes backgrounds such as the Nile, pyramids and temples, in addition to relevant characters, gods and props.

«The Viking Age»

A theme that lets students discuss and present life during the Viking Age. Contains a variety of relevant backgrounds, characters, gods, giants, animals, monsters and props.

«The Middle Ages»

Includes, among other thing, a variety of characters, such as townspeople, farmers, clergy and knights, which enables students to delve into events, topics and issues related to this thousand-year-long historic period.

«The Roman Empire»

With this theme the students can create stories about actual or imagined events that took place in the Roman Empire. One can choose among backgrounds such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Senate; characters such as Caesar, gladiators, senators and slaves; gods such as Apollo, Jupiter and Neptune.

«Future Globe»

This theme lets students create comic strips about what they think the world will look like in the future. Which types of energy we will be using, which consequences climate change will have brought, and what sort of technology we will be using, are all good examples of topics that can be explored and presented with this theme.

«The Three Billy Goats Gruff»

Lets stundets work with the classic fairytale from Asbjørnse and Moe. After first having gotten to know the fairytale, the students can retell it in its original form, or they can create their own alternative versions.

«Little Red Riding Hood»

Here students can work with this classic fairytale. Her kan elevene jobbe med det klassiske europeiske folkeeventyret. Retell the fairytale in its original form, or create your own alternative version.

«1001 Nights»

Create comic strips related to the two classic Arabian fairytales "Alladin" and "Ali Baba and the forty thieves". Let the students retell the fairytales in their original forms, or let them use their imaginations and create their own alternative versions.

«Classic Cartoons: Past, Present and Future»

In these three themes you can cretate your own comic strips and fairytales. Contains classic comic strip elements from the past, present and future, respectively.


The word «Manga» is a Japanese word for both comics and cartooning. In this theme you will find a collection of Japanese-inspired comic strip characters and elements.


A theme filled with strange fictional characters and props. Allows students to use their imagination to the fullest and create fantasy comic strips.

«Norwegian wood»

Use your imagination to create comic strips with a variety of strange fantasy characters and creatures located in the woods and nature.

«The Christmas Gospel»

Is especially well suited when Christmas is approaching. Contains characters such as angels, Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men.

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