Creaza International Newsletter

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Meet Creaza at BETT 2014

The learning technology event Bett is the global meeting place for the education technology community, bringing together 35,000 educators and learning professionals every January. This year the event will take place from January 22 to January 25 at Excel London.

Look to Denmark!

The Danish government continues its mission to strengthen the country’s elementary and middle schools. In 2014 80 million DKK has been allocated for the purpose of purchasing interactive digital learning tools and content. This is all part of Denmark’s extensive committment to digital learning resources and to "Den Nye Folkeskole". In total, the scope of the initiative amounts to no less than 500 million DKK over a period of 5 years.

Make a slideshow in MovieEditor

It is now easy for users to create their own slideshows with Creaza MovieEditor. You can create a story using Cartoonist, import it into MovieEditor and export it directly to Youtube. You can also make slideshows using your own uploaded pictures and export it the same way. You can add various content, transitions, text, music and sounds...

The post war period and "the wall"

With the thematic universe "The post war period" (only available in full version) students can work with many different subjects from the 50`s, 60`s, 70`s and 80`s in the worlds history. November 9th 1989 is one very important date regarding this. The wall and the borders splitting Berlin in two were opened.

Some examples from the brand new theme, "The Post War Period"

Here are some examples of the characters and the background "Berlin Wall" from the thematic universe, "The Post War Period". As you can see, it is now possible to make the cartoon strip in 16:9 ratio. Just click the picture to see the example.

Nytt tegneserieunivers i Creaza

Creaza lanserte i dag det nye store universet "Etterkrigstiden". Universet lar elever og lærere skape fortellinger og tegneserier basert på innholdselementer fra 50-tallet, 60-tallet, 70-tallet og 80-tallet. Utfordringer mellom Øst og Vest og den kalde krigen er politiske elementer man kan jobbe med. I tillegg til dette finnes det en rekke karakterer, figurer og bakgrunner fra de fire 10-årene. Berlinmuren finnes for eksempel i utgaver fra både 50, 60, 70 og 80-tallet.