Arild Storm

I am a general expert and COO at Creaza. With my background as a teacher I really enjoy bringing Creaza to classrooms around the world.
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Recent Posts

"Digital Learning Tool of the Year"!

Creaza is very proud to announce that we have just won the award “Digital Learning Tool of the Year” for the second time. Creaza first won the award in 2013, and now again in 2015.

Content is everything

As we continue to develop the Cartoonist iPad app, it keeps getting better and more stable. We have recently updated the app to ensure that it is the most stable version ever. To celebrate the summer (and the new update), we have decided...

Video editing made simple

When students are making videos at school, these videos have a tendency to be a bit slow and not always too easy on the eyes. They could be drastically improved by following a few steps. 

Instead of shooting the entire film in one take with little or no any planning, following a few steps can make both the planning, shooting and editing much more fun. And the finished product will be so much better and more enjoyable to watch.

Creaza is blogging in several languages


To get closer to our scandinavian followers, we have decided to divide our blog into four blogs. Blog posts that are interesting for our scandinavian readers will therefore be posted in the scandinavian languages.

We have also changed:

  • The look and appearance in order to comply better with our current website.

NEW theme: "Future Globe"

Creaza will be adding a new Cartoonist theme in the very near future. The theme is called “Future Globe”, and it is set in the year 2050. This theme will enable students to work on relevant and current issues, such as climate change, environmental challenges and energy, in a futuristic perspective.

Planned upgrade of Creaza servers

Due to a planned upgrade of Creaza servers, user might experience unstability from 17.00 CET today. The upgrade should be done within a couple of hours.

Creaza adding new content

Today we have added brand new content for the MovieEditor. Oslo (Norway) is now one of the "World Cities".

How many videos would you like to insert?

With the latest release you can still add as many PiP's (picture-in-picture) as you like. What is new in this version is the smooth way of handling PiP. Align your videos with the help of the grid once you have dragged the clips down on the timeline. In the preview window you can now add a grid. Choose among different different grids to find one to suit your project. The grid helps you place the videos (or other graphic objects) where you want. With the "snap-to-grid" feature it is even easier to align the videos.

Creaza 3.2 released!

Dear Creaza Community,
In this newsletter, we are pleased to announce the Creaza 3.2 release. Below we have listed the highlights of "what's new" in this version.