New Creaza Cartoonist tutorial in English

We are currently in the process of making brand new tutorials here at Creaza. We are also collecting good examples of "best practices" in schools, on how to integrate Creaza in the teaching & learning process.

Creaza on tour

Creaza has begun this school year by doing a lot of travelling and we will continue to do so in the near future.

Norwegian and Swedish user conferences

The last couple of weeks Creaza met a lot of Creaza users from Norway and Sweden. Fronter AS held their yearly user conferences in the two countries. For us at Creaza it was extremely nice to meet users and get their feedback. Users are happy with the product and the possibilities, but they also gave us feedback on what they would like as new content and functionality in the next release of Creaza.

Make a slideshow in MovieEditor

It is now easy for users to create their own slideshows with Creaza MovieEditor. You can create a story using Cartoonist, import it into MovieEditor and export it directly to Youtube. You can also make slideshows using your own uploaded pictures and export it the same way. You can add various content, transitions, text, music and sounds...

Creaza 3.2 released!

Dear Creaza Community,
In this newsletter, we are pleased to announce the Creaza 3.2 release. Below we have listed the highlights of "what's new" in this version.