Summer 2016

The summer is finally here again! The schools in the Nordic countries have already started their vacations, while schools in countries such as the Netherlands, the UK and the US will have to wait until July to begin theirs. 

In the US the presidential election is in full swing, and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will battle over who becomes the 45th US president. Maria, a teacher from Jönköping, has created a mind map with Creaza Mindomo where she details the process:


Creaza has big plans for the summer in terms of developing, and we are looking forward to launching several new features and functionality this fall. We are working on new content and possibilities, to make Creaza even better for both teachers and students. 

Creaza is available throughout the summer on all our channels:

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We wish everyone a great summer!

The Creaza team


Aleksander Knudsen
Written by Aleksander Knudsen
I am the support manager in Creaza, and I know all there is to know about how Creaza is working. I have been working in Creaza since 2012.