Learning a New Language in a Fun Way

During the fall of 2016, the eighth-graders at Sandbakken school had their first German lessons.


Learning a new language can be challenging. Sandbakken school chose a new way of approaching German as a foreign language. 

The students had only had German for six weeks when they started creating stories about themselves, their families and their lives with both audio and text in German. 

The feedback from the teachers and students have been very positive. One aspect that was appreciated was that the students were able to develop their vocabulary in accordance with their own interests, friends and family relations. 

Their vocabulary was not confined to what was in the textbook. They were able to develop their language according to their needs and interests. 

The students had been learning German for just eight weeks, but through working with Creaza Cartoonist, they were able to create advanced conversations and verb conjugations at a level far beyond what had been expected. The students saw words, terms and expressions in a context that made sense to them. The visual support also contributed to making the language more available to students. 


Since the students still are rather new to the German language, a lot of work remains. But now the students have a tool where they, at all times, can go back and listen to their own pronounciation and thereby work on improving it. For the teacher, it will be possible to give more concrete feedback, since the teacher and student can sit together and listen to see what needs improvement.



There are many ways to work with a new language. The feedback from the students and teachers at Sandbakken school suggests that the students enjoy being the producers of their own language learning.

The brand new Cartoonist is only a few weeks away!

We will provide an update and a teaser very soon.....

The Creaza Team