Creaza Has Launched Master Themes!

As you may have noticed, Creaza has recently made certain changes to our top menu. The "Home" button has been replaced by two new buttons: "Activities" and "Tools". Under the former you will find all the hundreds of ready-made activities, and under the latter you will only find the actual tools.  



Mindomo and AudioEditor work the same way they always have, while both Cartoonist and MovieEditor has undergone some exciting changes. If you open Cartoonist under Tools, you will now get access to all of the Cartoonist themes. This means that you can choose from all characters, backgrounds and props in the same comic strip.  

The same is true for MovieEditor. When opening MovieEditor from Tools, all the themes are available. This means that you can use video clips from all the different themes in the same movie. 

View the video below to learn more: 


With the help of several teachers, we have recently added a large number of new activities, especilly related to social studies and history.   

We are looking forward to a new creative schoolyear!

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