Amerikanska valet - en tankekarta

Skriven av Creaza den 2020-okt-13 17:12:37

Amerikanska valet - en tankekarta!

Den 3 november avgörs det 59:e amerikanska presidentvalet. Donald Trump mot Joe Biden. Republikanerna mot Demokraterna.

Look to Denmark!

Skriven av Carl Morten Knudsen den 2014-jan-06 22:40:48

The Danish government continues its mission to strengthen the country’s elementary and middle schools. In 2014 80 million DKK has been allocated for the purpose of purchasing interactive digital learning tools and content. This is all part of Denmark’s extensive committment to digital learning resources and to "Den Nye Folkeskole". In total, the scope of the initiative amounts to no less than 500 million DKK over a period of 5 years.