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The Danish government continues its mission to strengthen the country’s elementary and middle schools. In 2014 80 million DKK has been allocated for the purpose of purchasing interactive digital learning tools and content. This is all part of Denmark’s extensive committment to digital learning resources and to "Den Nye Folkeskole". In total, the scope of the initiative amounts to no less than 500 million DKK over a period of 5 years.

Here is a quote (in Danish) by Christine Antorini, the Danish Minister of Education, on the importance of using quality digital learning tools and content every day:

”It kan styrke motivation og faglighed hos alle elever, fordi det både kan udfordre stærke elever og understøtte elever med særlige behov. På den måde er it med til at sørge for, at alle bliver så dygtige, de kan. Derfor har vi med folkeskoleaftalen tænkt it ind i alle fag blandt andet via arbejdet med de nye, forenklede Fælles Mål, som lægger op til, at digitale læremidler og it bliver brugt mere i den daglige undervisning. Den opgave skal de 80 millioner kroner til digitale læremidler bakke op om,” siger undervisningsminister Christine Antorini. (uvm.dk)

In order for a learning resource to become "Tilskuddsberettiget" (eligible to be funded) by the Danish government, certain criterias need to be met. This includes, among other things, interactivity and a focus on (one or more) subjects, both of which are most certainly met by Creaza.

Danish municipalities can throughout 2014 get a grant to buy Creaza Premium for its schools. The Danish Ministry of Children and Education provides a 50% subsidy to those who purchase Creaza Premium. In other words, municipalities that acquire Creaza for their schools will be able to get half of the cost covered by the Danish government.

There are a wide range of Danish schools who are already using Creaza Premium, such as all schools in Copenhagen and Århus, the two largest cities in Denmark. Join these and thousands of other schools throughout the world and provide your students and teachers with access to one of the best learning tools available.

In Denmark Creaza Premium can be accessed through UNI-login or through a manual setup!

Want to try? Send an email to sales@creaza.com

Read more in Danish here - http://www.creazaeducation.com/pricing?languageId=9

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