Exported HD video from Creaza MovieEditor, preview

Skriven av Arild Storm den 2010-jun-13 23:10:50

Adobe released Flash Player 10.1 June 10th. Just after that, Creaza launched an open test bench for the new Flash Player. We launched a preview of the next version of Creaza MovieEditor.

Example of an exported movie

Skriven av Arild Storm den 2009-nov-18 12:47:38

This video example has been created with Creaza MovieEditor and has been exported to mp4:

Creaza 3.0 released this weekend

Skriven av Arild Storm den 2009-nov-16 23:40:18

This weekend we released Creaza 3.0. The highlights from this release are some important features and improved GUI. Below you can see listed the new features and improvements.

New functionality and new content in the Movie Editor

Skriven av Carl Morten Knudsen den 2009-jun-30 03:28:26

Creaza has today launched both new functionality and new content. In Mindomo you can now export your Mindmap to PDF.