Breaking news - Creaza on the iPad

Finally we are there!

Creaza Cartoonist EDU is now released in Apple's App Store.

We are very proud to announce that the Cartoonist Premium EDU App for learners is available as an additional possibility for schools and institutions integrated with Creaza Premium Web version.

Digital storytelling, comics, cartoons, presentations and much more....

Creaza Cartoonist EDU provides 19 different themes relevant for school and learning with a lot of backgrounds, characters, props and effects that can be combined with the users own images and material. The App is available in 9 different languages, English, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German and of course Norwegian.

The App is integrated with the Creaza Premium Web version for that complete user experience for learners and the teachers.

The Creaza Cartoonist EDU App support login with Feide, UNI-Login and Creaza-Login.

For more information and request for pricing & quota send an email to