New Creaza launch in near future

Creaza is wrapping up the work with launch of a new release. The new release will have a new tool and new and improved features in existing tools.


  • Export mindmaps in high resolution PDF's (full version only)


  • Export cartoons in high resolution PDF's (full version only)


  • Export movies in mp4 (full version only)
  • Import cartoons (full version only)
  • Adjust duration of clips directly on the timeline/trim the clips
  • Frame-by-frame edit possibilities (full version only)
  • GUI improvements
  • Audio curves on sound clips

NEW! AudioEditor (full version only)

  • Eight audio tracks (full version only)
  • Library with soundclips (full version only)
  • Audio curves (full version only)
  • Enhanced search (full version only)
  • Export audio in mp3 (full version only)

Click here for productsheet (integration with Fronter)

The next release will support Danish, Finnish and Dutch in addition to Norwegian and English

We are also building Creaza's brand new helpcenter. It will be available with the new release.

Termination of demo user access trough Fronter

For the last year, it has been possible to use the demo version of Creaza with a single-sign-on solution trough Fronter (VLE/MLE). This is no longer possible. From monday 17th of August you have to have purchased Creaza for your school to benefit from the great integration between Fronter and Creaza. If you have been using the demo version, your work will still be available trough Fronter, but it will not be possible to create new products. For the schools and LA's that have purchased Creaza, everything will still be available only with more functionality.

For questions regarding this, please contact support(at)

Arild Storm
Written by Arild Storm
I am a general expert and COO at Creaza. With my background as a teacher I really enjoy bringing Creaza to classrooms around the world.