Happy New Year - 2014 is here

Skriven av Carl Morten Knudsen den 2014-jan-06 21:24:17

During the holidays Creaza has upgraded its entire back-end solution in order to improve performance and user experience. This has been done to strengthen our solution before the launch of he brand new version of Creaza, which is to be released late February 2014. We will return with more information about the new Creaza soon.

"Speeddate" med ministeren - Nærings- og handelsminister Trond Giske på BETT

Skriven av Carl Morten Knudsen den 2013-feb-07 22:46:20

Lørdag 2. februar besøkte nærings- og handelsminister Trond Giske BETT 2013 på London Exhibition and Convention Centre.

NEW theme: "Future Globe"

Skriven av Arild Storm den 2013-jan-24 22:37:03

Creaza will be adding a new Cartoonist theme in the very near future. The theme is called “Future Globe”, and it is set in the year 2050. This theme will enable students to work on relevant and current issues, such as climate change, environmental challenges and energy, in a futuristic perspective.

Creaza - Extreme Makeover!

Skriven av Aleksander Knudsen den 2013-jan-24 01:27:46

Creaza will be undergo a major upgrade this coming thursday. We are very happy and excited to announce that we will launch a brand new, and drastically improved, version of Creaza's website!

Creaza will be present at BETT 2013 – Will you?

Skriven av Aleksander Knudsen den 2013-jan-23 13:43:09

It is that time of the year again - It is BETT time!