Welcome to Gothenburg's Teachers and Students!

Skriven av Carl Morten Knudsen den 2014-apr-08 02:23:29

The new version of Creaza has received loads of positive feedback from our users, something that is much appreciated! If you have any comments, questions or thoughts, please feel free to email us at post@creaza.com.

More than 50 000 users in more than 200 schools in the city of Gothenburg now have access to Creaza. All students and teachers in Gothenburg have access through their learning platform "Hjärntorget". We are looking forward to an exciting collaboration with learners, teachers and leaders in the city of Gothenburg.

Come and meet us
Creaza will be on the road over the following weeks. This week you can meet us at one of the largest EdTech conferences in Finland, "ITK" (http://www.itk.fi/2014/). You will also find us at the highly acclaimed "Framtidens lärande" (http://www2.diu.se/framlar/konferensen/) in Stockholm. In addition, we will be at Skolemessen in Aarhus in Denmark (http://www.skolemessen.dk/konference/). You can visit Creaza at stand 314.

We will be at SETT 2014, NKUL 2014 and several other events in April, May and June. More on that later ;-)

Next week is Easter, and we would like to wish all our users a Happy Holidays ;-)

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