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There are always lots of positive things happening in the creative world of Creaza. In the picture below, taken in a classroom at Veggli school in Norway, you can see 13 six-year-old students, each with their own PC.

6 year old students making their own story

The students are creating their very first comic strips in Creaza. They are in the very first stages of learning how to read and write. Many of them know many letters, some are not yet fully able to combine them to create words and string sentences together. In Cartoonist they experiment with letters, creating words and sentences. Beacause of the visible strenght in Cartoonist the one reading the comic strip is also able to follow the plot due to the fact that the backgrounds have different modes, and the characters have different moods. In other words: Everyone can see whether the characters are in a good mood or not.

Veggli school in the municipality of Rollag is doing a whole lot of excellent strategic work to enable learning among their students. Geir (photographer) works as a municipal ICT supervisor making the devices and software work in addition to inspiring the teachers. Signe is the teacher to these students. She is knowledgeable and engaged. The children are being creative, playing and learning at the same time. They are creating their own stories. They are producing their own knowledge, and everyone is participating.

In our eyes Signe is a very special teacher. In her own eyes, however, she is just an ordinary teacher who cares deeply about providing her students with a variaty of opportunities to learn.

Signe's experience with Creaza is that all the students participate. The roles are often reversed; the students are cooperating and helping each other. In her previous class Creaza was a contributing factor in making the boys read at the same level as the girls.

This story, and other stories like this, is what motivates us here at Creaza. We will keep following Signe and her class, and we will be sharing similar reports and stories in the future.

Many new cities using Creaza

On a slightly different note, Creaza would like to welcome all students and teachers from Copenhagen and Århus into the ever-growing and creative world of Creaza through Denmarks UNI-login. We are looking forward to the collaboration with schools, students and teachers in Denmark's two largest municipalities! We are also pleased about the fact that both the city of Jönköping and AV Media Kalmar, and each of their 12 Swedish municipalities, now are using Creaza Premium as well.

Together with these new large partners, we at Creaza will do our utmost to contribute to the students developing their 21st Century Skills.

Would you like to try out Creaza Premium at your school, city or municipality?

Contact us at: post@creaza.com

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