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Creaza has been a lot on the move lately. One of our partners, Fronter, have held their user conferences in several countries. Creaza has participated in the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish user conferences during the last weeks. We have done presentations and been available for users on our own Creazastand in every event.

The feedback Creaza has gotten regarding the pedagogical and technological possibilities to use the product in the pupils learning process is awesome ;-) We are very happy that Creaza gives pupils and students new creative and innovative possibilities to show and present their knowledge and competence.

All over the World:

Creaza is being used all over the world. Users from every continent has registrered at and started using the demoversion of Creaza. In October norwegian users used Creaza the most. It is very exiting that the country placed right behind Norway in second place regarding usage this month is Brazil! Thats cool ;-) Have a look at this website:

What`s happening the next weeks?

In week 43 Creaza will be in the UK. We are going to participate in events in Bristol, Kent and London in addition to other meetings with customers and partners.

In week 44 Creaza will be in Stockholm, Sweden, at "Skolforum 2009" This is the largest educational conference in Scandinavia with over 20 000 visitors..

In week 45 creaza will be in Odense in Denmark at "Uddannelsesforum 2009". We will have a stand together with Fronter DK, and pupils from Denmark will show how they use Creaza.

It is a lot of travelling, but so joyful to meet users and people from schools and discuss possibilities with Creaza.

Do you only access the demoversion?

Here are some of the benefits with the full version of Creaza:

  • Export from all tools:
  • Mindomo - PDF
  • Cartoonist - High resolution PDF for print
  • MovieEditor - MP4
  • AudioEditor - M4a

Record sound directly in Creaza in your browser

Import cartoons into MovieEditor

Use effects and transitions in MovieEditor

Additional storage


The full version of Creaza contains a lot more Thematic Universes than the demoversion. For example there are many Cartoonist Universes made by professional artists and with Norways largest publiser as editor for the Universes. Some examples are:

The post war period pwp
World War II wwII
The Roman Empire tre
The Viking Age tva

In MovieEditor the fullversion of Creaza contains 3 more Thematic Universes with many movieclips and both in MovieEditor and AudioEditor you will find a lot of Music and Sound Effects..

Global Village:

Food, Water & Climate
People & Life
War & Terrorism


World Cities:

Movieclips from many cities around the world


Exotic Animals:

Movieclips of animals all over the world


Are you interested in the full version of Creaza, please contact us:


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