Top Toolbar

Application Menu

Once you click on the icon, a number of features will be displayed

  1. Save (AutoSaved) – Your changes are saved automatically.
  2. Make a copy – Create a copy (clone) of your mind map.
  3. Export – Use your mind map in other formats:
  • Document
  • PDF
  • OPML File (.opml)
  • Microsoft Project (.mpx)
  • HTML (.html)
  • Image File (.png)
  • Microsoft Excel formats
  • Mindomo File (.mom)
  • Freemind File (.mm)
  • MindManager File (.mmap)
  1. Map properties – Edit map properties.
  2. Print – Print your mind map.
  3. Tools – Tools for the map.
  4. Shortcuts – Most Mindomo functions are available through keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Help – You will be redirected to the Help section for guidelines on how to use the tool.
Top Toolbar - App Menu

Undo and Redo

  1. Undo – cancel the last modification.
  2. Redo – recover the last modification.

Undo and Redo are disabled during real time collaboration. Also, they are disabled automatically when the same map is opened from different locations: different computers, 2 or more browsers, in the browser and desktop apps or in the browser and mobile apps.

Top Toolbar - Undo and Redo

Insert Topic

This feature will enable you to add a new topic to the mind map. You will be able to customize its appearance by clicking the little arrow in the top right corner of the topic to access the context menu.

Top Toolbar - Insert Topics

Insert Relationship

  1. By clicking on the Insert Relationship icon, you will be able to insert a relationship between two topics.
  2. To customize the relationship's appearance, you will have to click on the relationship and then on the little pencil icon that appears on the relationship curve. These features will be displayed:
  • Delete - select the relationship and delete it.
  • Add Label - add a relationship description.
  • Color - choose a color for the selected relationship.
  • Weight - change the thickness of the connection.
  • Shape - choose the shape for your connection.
  • Pattern - choose one of the line styles for the connection.
  • Arrows - select the direction.
Top Toolbar - Relationship

Map Themes

Beauty and structure come together in a wide variety of map themes.

  1. Themes - choose the mind map's theme from this themes list.
  2. Theme Style - choose the appearance of your current mind map from the predefined theme styles.
  3. Map Background – choose the color for your mind map's background.
  4. Auto Align – your topics will be automatically rearranged.
  5. Theme Editor – create your own customized map themes.
Top Toolbar - Map Themes

Theme Editor

Feel free to create your own customized map themes. You can create up to 6 map themes which will be placed in the Themes section.

  1. Return to map canvas - once you have finished customizing your theme, you can go back to the map canvas.
  2. Undo and Redo - cancel the last modification and recover the last modification.
  3. Themes - you can choose to customize one of the predefined theme styles.
  4. Save - your work is saved automatically.
  5. Set as default - check off this feature in order to use this customized theme for all your new maps.
  6. Delete theme - access this feature to delete the customized theme you've just created and set the default theme.
  7. Customized themes list - you can create up to 6 customized themes which will be displayed both in this section and in the Themes section.
Top Toolbar - Themes Editor

In order to customize the topic style, click on the arrow in the top right corner of the topic to access the context menu. You have to customize each level at a time: central topic, main topics, the first level of subtopics, and so on.

  1. Font Menu - use it to choose text format, text alignment, font size and family, text color and background color.
  2. Theme Menu - use it to select one of the predefined topic themes, copy a topic's style or clear it.
  3. Topic Shape - choose a shape for your topic and customize the connections between the topics.
Top Toolbar - Topic Style
  1. In order to customize the relationship style, click on the relationship and then on the little pencil which appears on the curve. You will be able to set the relationship's color, shape, pattern and arrow style.
Top Toolbar - Relationship Style
  1. In order to customize the boundary style, click on the top left arrow which appears on the boundary and access the context menu. You will be able to set the border's color and pattern.