Create a Cartoon!




To add a background, simply click or drag and drop it on the canvas. To edit a background, click on the three lines at on the slide's thumbnail at the bottom of the page. You will then get the following alternatives:

  • Mode: Lets you change the background, for instance between night and day. 
  • Duplicate: Here you can create a copy of the whole slide, including all its content.
  • Delete: Removes the whole slide, including all its content. 
  • Color: The Fill button lets you change the color of the background, and the Line button enables you to add a frame around the background in the color and width you choose.
  • Zoom: Allows you to zoom in on specific parts of backgrounds to create completely new backgrounds. 

Characters, props, and effects



To add characters, props, or effects, simply click or drag and drop it on the canvas. To change the size of an element, click and drag one of the corners. By clicking and dragging the green circle above the element, you can rotate it. To flip an element, whether horizontally or vertically, click on one of the blue squares and drag it towards the opposite side. 

  • Moods: All character where you can see the face, have different moods, such as normal, happy, sad, and angry. 
  • Duplicate: Creates a copy of the selected element. If you wish to cut/copy and paste an element on a different slide, you can use CTR + X / CTRL + C and CTRL + V. 
  • Delete: Removes the selected element from the canvas. You can also use the Delete or Backspace buttons on your keyboard.
  • Color: You can use the Fill button to change the color of an element, and the Line button to add a frame around the element in the color and width you choose. 
  • More: If you click on Lock elementthe element cannot be moved or changed. If you wish to be able to edit the element again, click on Unlock object. If you have several elements on top of each other in multiple layers, you can use the Move to front, Move to back, Move forward, and Move backward buttons to rearrange the order in which these elements appear. Opacity enables you to adjust the visibility of the element. The more you drag the white circle to the left, the less visible the element will become. Drop shadow will add a small shadow to the element, while Silhouette will make the whole element black. Click No effect to remove the above-mentioned effect(s).




After having clicked on Text, you can choose among the following text elements: 
TextBox, Talk, Thought and Scream. Once a text element has been added to the canvas, you can start typing right away. The text element will adjust automatically as you are typing. If you wish to change the size of the text, simply click and drag on one of the text element's corners. The size of the text will increase or decrease together with the size of the text element. Clicking on Styling lets you change the color of the text element, while Text styling lets you change the color, font etc. of the actual text. 


Here you can add different shapes, such as Rectangle, Ellipse, Curve, Triangle, Star, and Heart. The shapes can be changed and edited the same way as characters, props, and effects. By clicking Freehand, you can draw yourself. Once Freehand it selected, it will be marked in black and active until you click it once more. Line works in the same way.  

My images

Here you will find all the images you have uploaded to your Creaza account. You can learn more about uploading files here. If you choose On next to Use image as background, images added to the canvas will behave as the other Cartoonist backgrounds. If you select Off instead, images will behave as characters, props etc. 

Audio recording
To record audio, click once on the microphone icon to enable recording. Then you click and hold to record. Once you are done, simply release. The recording will then automatically be added to the slide. It will also be saved to your account so you can use it later as well. If you click on the blue icon next to the microphone icon, you will get access to all your audio recordings, as well as your uploaded audio files.   

Add audio track to cartoon
Click on the button in the bottom left corner to get access to Creaza's audio library, which consist of several hundred audio files, divided into Music, Sound effects and Contentum. You can also choose My sounds to get access to your own audio recordings and uploaded audio files. All audio files that are added here, will be added to the entire cartoon.