Creating Assignments



To create an assignment, click on Assign under any activity or tool under Activities or Tools. You can then choose to assign it either by clicking Share link or Send to contacts. The first time you create an assignment for your students, it is best to do this by sharing a link.

You can edit the activity’s title and description, set a due date, and include files that the students can use when solving the assignment. After having made the preferred adjustments, click on Create assignment, before copying the link and then sharing it with your students, for instance by email or through your learning platform.

All users who open the link in a browser where they are logged in to Creaza, will be able to start working on the assignment. They will also automatically become Contacts with the person who has created the assignment. In addition, they will become each other’s contacts. The next time the teacher creates an assignment, he or she can choose whether to do this by sharing a link, or by sending it directly to his or her Creaza contacts.

Under My Content > Assigned by me teachers can find all the assignments they have created. Under each assignment the teacher can see who has started, who has not, and who has handed in. They can also view their students’ work, comment and give feedback at any time throughout the process.

PS: If you are using Creaza through its Fronter integration, the links are not copied and pasted as described above, but rather inserted directly into the preferred Fronter folder.