Create a Mind Map

First Step

After clicking Start to open the tool, you'll be presented with Mindomo's tidy and easy-to-use interface.

Creating your first mind map

Topic Types

There are four topic types:

  1. Parent (Central topic)
  2. Main topic
  3. Subtopic
  4. Floating topic 

Naming Topics

  1. To name a topic, click on the topic to select it. The topic shape will turn blue. Click again to have the text in the topic highlighted in blue. Now you can type in the words.
  2. To insert a new line into a topic, place the mouse cursor at the end of the alignment, hold the SHIFT key, and press the ENTER key.

Creating a Topic

  1. Use the PLUS button on the Map's top menu.
Insert topics

More Options

  1. Click on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the central topic and choose Insert Subtopic from the context menu.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut for a quicker topic creation: Keep the mouse cursor in the central topic and press the ENTER key.
  3. Hover your mouse over the central topic, click on the triangle which appears inside, and drag to insert a new topic.

Deleting a Topic

  1. Click on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the topic and choose Delete from the context menu. You can also delete the topic by using the Delete or Backspace key from the keyboard. 


Repositioning a Topic

Reposition topics

Drag-and-drop your topics to reposition them on the screen, or to move and connect them to other topics.