There are several ways one can add contacts in Creaza. The video above shows one way. Go to My account (, which can be found under the settings icon in the top right corner, and select Contacts. Click on Get contact link to get a link you can share with other Creaza users you wish to add as contacts. The link can, for instance, be shared by email or on the school’s learning platform etc. Users who open the link and click Accept, will become contacts with the user who sent the link.

Another way of adding contacts is for teachers to create an assignment for their students. This is done by clicking Assign on any activity or tool under Activities or Tools, and then clicking Create assignment, before copying the link and sharing it somewhere the students can access it. All users who open the link in a browser where they are logged in to Creaza, will be able to start working on the assignment. They will also automatically become contacts with the person who has created the assignment. In addition, students who open the same link will become each other’s contacts. 

Under My account > Contacts you can also delete contacts and organize them into groups. To delete a contact, click on the x next to the name. To create a group, simply check the box next to the contact's name or drag the contacts into the box right underneath Groups and click on Create group. To give the group a name, hover over where it says New group and click on the pencil icon that appears. Once you are done, click on Save changes