Collaboration between two or more users is possible in both of Creaza’s tools. In Mindomo you can collaborate in real time, meaning that several users can edit the same mind map at the same time. In Cartoonist, only one user can edit a product at a time.

Inviting others to collaborate is done the same way regardless of which tool is being used. One user has to start working on a product and save it, before he or she can invite others to collaborate on it. The user who created the product is the product’s owner. This user is the only one who can invite others to collaborate, share and hand in the product.

To invite others to collaborate, go to My work and click on View and manage on that product. Click on Collaborate and choose the Creaza contact(s) you wish to collaborate with, before clicking Send invitation. You can also invite by typing in an email address or by copying and sharing the collaboration link.

The users who have been invited to collaborate, will receive a Creaza notification (and an email if they have added their email address). Creaza notifications are located under My account, which can be found under the settings icon in the top right corner. You can also access your notifications by clicking on the bell to the right of My Content

Open the notification and click on Click here to accept the invitation. The product will then appear under My work, and by clicking Edit, you can continue working on it. If the Edit button has a padlock on it, this means that another collaborator is currently editing the product.