Context Menu

Mini Toolbar

Appears when editing text inside a topic or subtopic:

  1. Font type
  2. Font size
  3. Text formatting
  4. Text color
Context Menu mini toolbar

Topic Menu

Various editing options are displayed:

  1. Add topics, subtopics and floating topics
  2. Insert relationships between topics
  3. Cut, copy and paste content
  4. Paste the content in the branch
  5. Copy the content in the branch
  6. Number the levels in a branch
  7. View history for topic
  8. Create a new map starting from that branch
  9. Delete topic
Context Menu topic menu

Font Menu

  1. Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough - use these to format your text.
  2. Text Alignment - you can choose Left, Center and Right.
  3. Font Size - change the size of your text.
  4. Background Color - choose a background color for your topic.
  5. Font Color - choose text color.
  6. Font Family - choose from various fonts.
Context Menu font menu

Theme Menu

  1. Predefined topic themes - by selecting any of these predefined themes, you are changing the appearance of your current mind map.
  2. Copy Style - by selecting it, you can apply the style of your current topic to other topics. Once you click it, a small brush will appear. Place it on the topic whose style you want to change.
  3. Clear Style - it enables you to remove a topic's customized style and set the default style.
Context Menu theme menu

Layout Menu

The layout options will help you choose the best arrangement for your topic and its subtopics. This will depend a lot on the kind of map you want to create.

  1. The layout is disabled because of the selected topic
  2. The layout that you selected
  3. Available layout for the current topic
  4. Reset the subtopics positions
  5. Customize Connections - this feature enables you to change the color, weight and type of the lines between the topics.
Context Menu layout menu

Topic Shape

  1. Rounded rectangle - a rectangle with rounded corners.
  2. Rectangle - a simple rectangle.
  3. Circle - a circle will be drawn.
  4. Oval - an oval will be drawn.
  5. Line - draw a line below the topic.
  6. Default - taken from the map theme.
Context Menu shape menu

Topic Boundary

Boundary will help you mark and determine the limits of an area on your map.

  1. Choose a color to fill in the boundary
  2. Choose a border color
  3. Set a weight for the boundary border
  4. Choose a pattern for the boundary border
Context Menu boundary menu