Cornelia's final exam.

Creaza would like to congratulate Cornelia from Asker vgs in Norway, who recently finished high school (Videregående skole). Her last act as a student was an oral exam in Norwegian. For her presentation, she chose to use Creaza Mindomo because she wanted to try something new and different. She had never used Mindomo before, but found it intuitive and easy right away. Below you can see her presentation, which looked at what impact the development of language and culture has had on the Norwegian national identity:

The examiners were very impressed by Mindomo, saying it was both a creative and different manner of presenting the subject matter. This, in combination with the high quality of the actual content and Cornelia's excellent way of presenting, led to her receiving the highest possible grade, which in Norwegian high schools is a 6, equivalent to an A.

Here at Creaza we would like to wish Cornelia the best of luck with all her future endeavours, and we hope she has a great summer vacation!


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