Exercises in Creaza

With the brand new version of Creaza, you can still do everything you have always done, but we also have increased the pedagogical, creative and collaborative possibilities!

We will be adding hundreds of ready-made exercises for our Premium users in the new version of Creaza. The first thing a user will meet upon logging in, is exercises:

When hovering the mouse over the image of an exercise, the text description will appear. When you have found an interesting exercise, you have two possibilities. You can either click "Create" and start working on the exercise, or, if you are a teacher, you can click "Assign" and assign the exercise to your students.

The exercises are connected to different curricula and subjects, and are available in all nine languages Creaza already supports. Exercises can be filtered by clicking the Discover-button.

If you assign an exercise, it will look like this:

  • You can edit the title.
  • You can edit the description.
  • You can add media files, which all students then will get access to
  • You can set a due date
  • To assign an exercise, all you need to do is share the link

All work and all assignements will show in the user's "Portfolio"

When launched, Creaza will contain hundreds of ready-made exercises, all of which can be edited and modified as described above.

We will be adding more exercises throughout the spring of 2014!

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