A short documentary about Paris.

The movie above was created by Anita Meinich Bache from Bore ungdomsskole in Norway. She and her classmates were asked to make a short documentary about Paris in their French class. Bache's movie was judged by her classmates to be the best of the contributions.

The movie was made using the "Geographical places" theme in MovieEditor, and it contains a selection of Creaza's own integrated video clips of Paris in combination with a variety of images. In addition, text elements and music from Creaza's media library has been added. But most importantly, the student has recorded audio of herself speaking French.

Creaza is suitable for all topics and subjects, and foreign languages are certainly no exception. As exemplified by this movie, Creaza offers a unique chance for students to, in addition to working on their movie editing skills, work on both their writing- and oral skills in the same project. By recording their own voice, students also get to hear how they sound to other people, giving them an excellent chance to work on and pay extra attention to their pronunciation and intonation.

"Geographical places", which is one of the six different themes in MovieEditor, contains video clips from several of the most famous cities in Europe, including London, Berlin, Paris, Venice and Rome, to name a few. If you have an example of a movie you have made in MovieEditor, please don't hesitate to post it on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/creaza


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