Great movie by two Danish seventh graders.

The movie above is about the Second Battle of Copenhagen, or the Bombardment of Copenhagen, which took place in 1807. The movie was made by two seventh graders from Højby school in Odense, Denmark, and it is a great example of the fantastic results you can get when you take full advantage of the possibilities that are available in Creaza, and combine this with a good dose of creativity.

These students have used a combination of their own uploaded material and Creaza's built-in content. First they have uploaded some of their own images, then they have used them as backgrounds in Cartoonist. This video shows you how you can do this:

After adding cartoon characters, speech bubbles and effects in Cartoonist, they have imported the cartoon to MovieEditor, where they have added music and text:

If you have a good example of a movie you have made in Creaza, feel free to post it on our Facebook page:


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