Brand new content launched in Creaza Premium

Today we launched a lot of brand new content in Creaza for our Premium users.

Look here:

Creaza has made an agreement with Karl Malbert, a swedish musician, and there are now almost 400 new sounds available in Creaza. We are extremely happy with this and hope all customers enjoy the new possibilities with all the new music and sounds. They are sorted under new categories such as historical, geographical, jingles, action, serious, romantic, party, fun and many more.

Today we launched a new place in the MovieEditor theme "Geographical places". 35 various movie clips from Marrakech (the "red city") in Morocco. Marrakech comprises both an old fortified city (the médina) and an adjacent modern city (called Gueliz) for a total population of 1,070,000.

A brand new theme is launched in Cartoonist; "You & Me". This is a theme where students can work on their social skills and compentence, e-safety, understanding of others feelings, explaining difficult situations, share their thoughts on everyday life and so on. A brand new theme with brand new design and content.

Good luck with creating new movies, digital stories, cartoons, comic strips and much more!

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