Arild Storm

I am a general expert and COO at Creaza. With my background as a teacher I really enjoy bringing Creaza to classrooms around the world.
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Example of an exported movie

Skrevet af Arild Storm den 18-11-2009 12:47:38

This video example has been created with Creaza MovieEditor and has been exported to mp4:

Creaza 3.0 released this weekend

Skrevet af Arild Storm den 16-11-2009 23:40:18

This weekend we released Creaza 3.0. The highlights from this release are some important features and improved GUI. Below you can see listed the new features and improvements.

New Creaza launch in near future

Skrevet af Arild Storm den 18-08-2009 16:10:01

Creaza is wrapping up the work with launch of a new release. The new release will have a new tool and new and improved features in existing tools.

Report on NDLA

Skrevet af Arild Storm den 05-08-2009 14:52:31

Apologize to all our english-speaking readers. This post will not be translated into english as both NDLA and the report are spesific for Norway.