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    CREAZA - Creative And Playful Learning
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    CREAZA - Creative And Playful Learning
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    CREAZA - Creative And Playful Learning

Mindomo logoCreate mind maps with the powerful yet easy-to-use Mindomo. You can even impress everyone by easily turning your mind maps into stunning presentations.

Cartoonist logoCreate comic strips and digital stories with the amazing storytelling tool Cartoonist. You can use the wide-ranging integrated content, your own content, or both. 

Pen and paperThere are hundreds of activities you can assign to your students. If you want to change something, feel free to edit any activity to suit you and your students' needs.

Arrow pointing rightInvite your students and let them take part in the work you assign to them. FInd an activity and create an assignment for your students. 

Check markOnce your students have handed in their assignments, you can asses their work from the great overview in your personal folder. You can also comment during the process.

Hand holding a cardWhen the students are finished with their work, handing in is one click away. They can view their product and hand it in when they are satisfied.

PlusAll products you have made can easily be turned into an assignment. Why not let your students finish your mind map, presentation, or cartoon?

Group of peopleLet your student work in groups. They can easily invite each other to collaborate, just as you can invite colleagues and others to collaborate with you.


  • "What did you produce in school today?"

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