Creaza - Creative and playful learning!

Schools are placing a high value on creativity and are looking for exciting and engaging ways to nurture this skill in their students. In Creaza, this is one of our fundamental purposes, and our goal is to create a place for students' continued development and learning. In Creaza's tools, the student becomes a creative producer, instead of a consumer. 

Let the student be the producer 

As a producer in Creaza's learning tools, students' creativity, curiosity, and creativity are stimulated. In our varied tasks, we give students the opportunity to describe, explain, analyze, communicate and present knowledge and ideas in different ways. 

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"Stories are data wrapped in context delivered with meaning."

- George Couros

Creaza's tools allow students to create podcasts, digital stories, comics, mind maps, presentations movies and much more. They can express themselves orally, in writing, and multimodally using animations, images, illustrations, and sounds. The variety of production forms in the tool gives students a safe place to show their hypotheses, ideas, opinions and knowledge in different ways. 

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Science in Creaza

Explore the ocean

Create a fairy tale

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The Good Samaritan

What makes Creaza unique?

  • Mindmaps, podcasts, and digital storytelling, all in one place.

  • The students have the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas multimodally.

  • Activities with tasks linked to the curriculum and current events.

The feeling of success

Feeling successful through creation leads to increased motivation to learn more. We want students to believe in their ability to solve tasks in a variety of ways, orally, in writing, visually and through sound. Creaza's learning tools provide an opportunity to make learning accessible to all students.