Terms of Use

Welcome to Creaza.

Creaza is free to use, but you can purchase an extended subscription, with access to more content and more storage space. The following Terms of Use apply to our website and associated Services. If you are under 15 years old, please be so kind as to ask a parent or guardian for permission before accepting these Terms of Use, and get them to help you if there is something you do not understand.



You (“You”) have Creaza’s permission to use the website, including any extensions or changes thereof, at www.creaza.no and www.creaza.com (“Services”), as long as You follow these Terms of Use. Creaza reserves the right to make adjustments to the Terms of Use without prior warning. Using the Services entails that You accept the Terms of Use that are applicable at any given time. We encourage You, therefore, to re-read the Terms of Use regularly to ensure You are acquainted with any changes. You will always be able to find the Terms of Use at http://www.creaza.com/terms-of-use. Should You, at any time, no longer accept the Terms of Use, we ask You to terminate your use of the Services and let us know so we can delete your user profile. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to support@creaza.com


To access the Services, You must first register yourself as a user. During registration, You must accept the Terms of Use. You must provide us with complete and correct information about yourself when You register.


As a user of the Services, You are responsible for ensuring that your username and password for the Services are used correctly and safely, and that You keep them secret and entrust them to no one. You are responsible for all activity on the Services associated with your username and password. You are obligated to notify us immediately should You know, or suspect, someone has, or will have, unauthorised access to your username and password. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to support@creaza.com


Should You forget or lose your username or password, You must contact us immediately and follow the instructions we provide. We reserve the right to refuse continued access to the Services if we suspect there is a risk that security requirements will not be followed. We reserve the right to require that You change your username and password at any time.



On the Services, users can comment on the productions they have shared with each other. Creaza monitors all comments and reserves the right to edit or delete comments deemed inappropriate. You are obligated to use the comment field only to comment on work that has been made available to You. You are prohibited from using the comment field in any of the following ways:


Use for surveys, competitions, chain letters, spamming, direct marketing, or the like;


Posting information considered criminal defamation, inflammatory, ethnic slurs, illegal depictions of violence or child pornography;


Spreading, publishing, distributing, or otherwise making posts containing text or other information containing indecent, ignominious, obscene, or offensive language, or offers or requests for sexual services;


Collecting personal information, meaning information and evaluations that can be connected to an individual (“Personal Information”), including e-mail addresses;


Creating a false identity, or presenting yourself as someone else, with the intent to mislead others;


Using, downloading, or otherwise copying or supplying (free or otherwise) anyone with a list of users of the Services, or user information of any kind.


Creaza reserves the right to inspect material uploaded to Creaza, and remove any material we consider inappropriate. Creaza also reserves the right to, with or without special reason, to deny You continued access to Creaza, without prior notification.


Creaza neither inspects nor verifies the correctness of the content of comments and information on the Services, and therefore assumes no responsibility or liability for damages arising from the comment field and the information and material contained therein. Neither is Creaza responsible for any action (or consequences of such) resulting from You sharing content with other users.



The Services may contain information that Creaza assumes comes from a reliable source. But Creaza can neither guarantee, nor assume any responsibility for, the correctness of such information.


Creaza does not guarantee that the content, software, or other services available though the Services are free of errors or viruses, or any other destructive material. Further, Creaza cannot guarantee that the Services will be available without interruption and Creaza assumes no responsibility in relation thereto.


Information on the Services is updated regularly. While the Services are being updated, there can be interruptions on the site. Creaza assumes no responsibility for any consequences resulting thereof.


You use the Service at your own risk. Creaza assumes no responsibility for material You upload to your homepage. The Services are provided “as is”, with any and all errors or defects this may entail.


Creaza reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change or terminate the Services (or portions thereof), without prior warning. Creaza assumes no responsibility toward You or any third parties therein.


You accept that Creaza shall delete inactive user accounts after a period of 6 months of inactivity. You will be notified, by e-mail, after 3 months. This does not apply to user accounts with an extended subscription.